5 Things you must know about Stock Throughput Insurance


1.  Who needs Stock Throughput Insurance?

The Policy is specially designed for companies that import, distribute or export merchandise.

2.  Why should you take out Stock Throughput Insurance?

Traditionally, freight forwarders would handle the portion of insurance across the sea & local insurers would handle the transit within our borders and the cover whilst in storage. However, one of the highest risks associated with cargo actually occurs between these two sections, whilst the cargo is being loaded or offloaded, or moved from storage to transit. This typically results in different insurers arguing as to who was responsible at the moment the merchandise is damaged or stolen. This often stalls and complicates claims payments.


When your business depends on your cargo, you cannot afford to wait for insurers to battle out their legal disputes before you’re reimbursed for your damaged or stolen cargo. A Stock Throughput Insurance policy allows you to have one policy & one insurer that covers your cargo from the moment it leaves one door right up until it has been accepted at the receiving door (from the cradle to the grave). This cross land, cross sea, plus static risks cover leaves no room for any gaps or grey areas in the protection of your cargo.

3.  How much does Stock Throughput Insurance cost?

We have a large book of clients with many different insurance companies, so we will be able to find the most beneficial policy with the cheapest premiums for your business.

4.  Typical claims incurred on Stock Throughput Insurance policies

The most common claims on Stock Throughput policies tend to be water seeping into containers and damaging the packaging and the cargo, stock stolen whilst in storage and breakages during transit or storage. The most expensive claims occur when vehicles are hijacked or involved in a accident. The more rare but most devastating claims include sinking of vessels, plane crashes and fires.

5.  What other insurance should be considered along with Stock Throughput Insurance?

If you own your containers, remember to add this to your Cargo Insurance as replacements can be very costly.  The Stock Throughput policy also offers specific cover for your cargo if it is temporarily stored anywhere during the route (for example a warehouse, a rigger, your business premises etc), just remember to let us know the details of the intended storage spots.  Many companies also keep a supply of demo equipment which doesn’t follow the usual logistics route.  We can include cover for all of your demo equipment on the Stock Throughput policy.